Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool for personal transformation that does not involve a loss of mental control, but brings individuals into a deep state of relaxation. This state allows people to access their own capacity to create dynamic change through their subconscious mind. Everyone experiences hypnotherapy in their own unique way. For some individuals, it is a very deep state of relaxation: so deep that he or she actually fall asleep during the sessions. Others  have varying degrees of relaxation and experience the sense that nothing has really happened; when indeed, it has. The best approach is not to analyze the process, but to let go and enjoy it. First sessions are 1 to 2 hours, follow-ups are 1 hour.

Common uses for hypnotherapy:

  • Weight management
  • Stress reduction
  • Quit smoking
  • Overcome phobias, fear & anxiety
  • Remove blocks to success
  • Memory recall & improved memory
  • Gambling issues  
  • Pain management 
  • Manage ADD, ADHD & PTSD 
  • Improve relationships
  • Sexual problems - i.e. erectile dysfunction, frigidity  
  • Free consultations are available at no cost or obligation to you 

Natural Medicines & Nutritional Consults

What to expect: An herbal consultation is a unique process whereby ancient methods are used to determine the flow of vital energy throughout the body. Other parts of this process include: specific recommendations for nutritional changes, using herbal products and making lifestyle modifications. The goal is to restore and  enhance your well-being so you can live a long, healthy life. First appointments are  usually 1 to 2 hours. Follow-ups are 1/2 hour to 1 hour.

What are natural medicines:

  • Chinese herbal medicines, homeopathic remedies and  nutritional supplements.
  • Medicinal foods
  • Plant, animal & mineral based substances
  • Non-pharmaceutical
  • Environmentally sustainable
  • NO side effects
  • True healing, not just a symptom cover-up
  • Fast-acting

Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art and science which can transform your home or office. The physical environments in which people live and work are a direct extension of who they are. Healthy relationships and prosperity can be enhanced through Feng Shui techniques: object arrangement, colors, lighting, elemental balance, etc. Consult times vary according to size and location.

Feng Shui benefits;

  • Sell your home faster 
  • ​​Heal relationships & attract romance
  • Reduce stress & anxiety 
  • Restore health
  • Enhance prosperity
  • Increase energy
  • Relieve depression
  • Alleviate insomnia  
  • Boost the well-being of your pets

Fees vary depending on service. Please call for pricing. VISA, MasterCard, Discover Card,  debit cards, and checks or cash are all accepted at A Vital Connection. 


An example of Hypnotherapy 

Herbal Medicine

A brief talk on seasonal changes 

Feng Shui

Recommendations for improvements